Boosterthon Fun Run 9/28/16: BACKYARD BOX OFFICE!

Mark our calendar’s, this year’s Boosterthon Fun Run is on September 28th starting at 9:00am.

Everyone grab your tickets and popcorn! Our new character theme is called BACKYARD BOX OFFICE, a movie theme all about making a difference by getting into character. This amazing new theme will take students on a step-by-step journey of how to make a difference in their world. Our production crew traveled the country to bring your students movies about five REAL kids dedicated to making people’s lives better.

From inventors, to world-class speakers, to business owners, to world-record holders, these five kid difference-makers will inspire your students to practice the five “Character Acts” so they can also make an impact in their community.

For more on Backyard Box Office, check out the short but epic trailer at: