Congratulations Science Fair Participants

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Science Fair, you should all be very proud of the hard work and effort you put into them!
1st Place-Allison Rafoth
2nd Place-Falco Carey
3rd Place-Miles Lineberger
Honorable Mention-Favour Olukayode
Honorable Mention-Liam Basinger
First Grade
1st Place-Elizabeth Newcomb
2nd Place-Ryan Devers
3rd Place-Matthew Meagher
Honorable Mention-Daniel Olykayode
Second Grade
1st Place-Owen Smith
2nd Place-Sadie Sawyer
3rd Place-Kaitlin Riblett
Honorable Mention-Elise Ore
Honorable Mention-Grace Ngo
Third Grade
1st place–Cameron Mondok
2nd Place-Alexis Rafoth
3rd Place-Laynie Brown
Honorable Mention-Casper Carey
Fourth Grade
1st Place–Emmaline Zimmerman
2nd Place–Addison Meagher
3rd Place–Cayden Devers
Honorable Mention–Terry Mallon and Sara Mallon
Fifth Grade
1st Place–Lily Cinotti
2nd Place–Noel Evans
3rd Place–Ethan Howe
The first place winners from grades 3-5 are invited to take their projects to the county science fair. Congratulations!!