Boosterthon kicks off tomorrow!

Hi Parents,
We hope you and your students are having a great start to the school year!
We are kicking off our big fall fundraiser tomorrowTuesday, September 9. The Boosterthon Fun Run experience combines a fun fitness event, an interactive character program, and a highly profitable school fundraiser. It’s all wrapped up in an unforgettable experience that is fun for students and hassle-free for schools. The fun run will occur on September 18.

The great thing is, there is nothing to sell and no door-to-door visits. Students help their school simply by gathering pledges from friends and family. Sponsors can pledge a per-lap amount or flat donation toward that student’s Boosterthon Fun Run. The lap average for all students on the day of the Fun Run is 30-35. So if a family friend pledges a dollar per lap, that would be a tax deductible gift to the school of $30-$35.
We apologize if you are receiving this in error and no longer have students at WCES. We are in the process of updating our email list for the current school year.
Let us know if you have any questions. Please see the attached flyer for more information.
Thank you,
The WCES Fundraising Committee