2015 Math-A-Thon

The Math-a-Thon is the PTA’s last major fundraiser of the year. This fundraiser is based on your child’s academic knowledge. Below are detailed instructions on how this fundraiser works. Thank you in advance for your continued support, which allows us to continue providing annual activities such as ice cream socials, agenda books, yearbooks, and academic and cultural enrichment events.

The Math-a-Thon will be held on Thursday, February 12th (February 19th snow date). During this fun event, the students in grades 1-5 will rotate through different classrooms in search of math problems to solve. Pre-K, Kindergarten, and MINC students will remain in their classrooms for their events. The number of questions students get correct on this day will determine the amount to be collected from their sponsors, unless flat donations were pledged.

Your child may get pledges per math problem correct or a one-time pledge of a set amount using the pledge sheet. We ask that you help your child by asking family members,
coworkers, and friends to be sponsors, but please do not let your child go door-to-door seeking sponsors. Pledge sheets are due Friday, January 30th. Friends and family who are out of the area can make a flat donation using a special form.

After the test on Thursday, February 12th, your child’s test will be graded. Within a few days, the teacher will send the results home for each child to then gather their Math-a-Thon money and return it to school. All pledge monies are due by Monday, March 2nd. If possible, please return all pledges in a sealed envelope.

Prizes will be awarded to individuals and classes for fundraising and performance on the test. In addition, all students who return pledge sheets by January 30th will be entered into a drawing for one of two $25 Target Gift Cards — one for the Primary Wing and one for the Intermediate Wing. See here for a complete list of prizes!

Parents, please practice math facts with your child, and help them get as many sponsors as possible. Your involvement will make a tremendous difference in your child’s level of success. Let’s make this a fun learning experience for the entire family and a successful fundraising effort. Thank you.

Ginger Bearden and Arlisa Harding, Co-Chairs, Math Enrichment Committee – math@waughchapel-pta.com