Join the Waugh Chapel Cougars X-STEM Group


Waugh Chapel Elementary School has a Cougars X-STEM (eXtreme- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) group of grade students from Waugh Chapel. The group is called ‘Cougars X-STEM’ and represent student ambassadors for Waugh Chapel promoting STEM activities in the community and school.

The group has STEM activities, builds STEM skills, and raises awareness about STEM initiatives to parents and promotes the USA Science Festival 2016.

X- STEM School Mission Statement:
X- STEM (eXtreme- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) a group of primary grade students from Waugh Chapel Elementary School. The group is called ‘ Cougars X-STEM’. The motto is ” We achieve what we believe” and represent ambassadors for Waugh Chapel. The idea is to have STEM activities, build STEM skills, bring STEM professionals as speakers to the school, raise awareness about STEM initiatives.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a parent sponsored group and is not affiliated with the school or PTA.

•Hour of Code
•Read with Me
•Engineering Feats
•Nifty Fifty Speakers

For more information, contact:
Deanna Mallon

The 4th USA Science & Engineering Festival, the largest and only NATIONAL science festival will be in Washington DC on April 16-17, 2016 . The festival has nationwide contests and supports school programs. Each school has opportunities to promote STEM activities for their school and community through creating an X-STEM Student Ambassador Team. – And our school Waugh Chapel is represented as an X-STEM school, check us out! All X-STEM teams qualify for free tickets to the X-STEM Symposium; are eligible for priority registration for Nifty Fifty Speakers for free at their school, and will receive preview access to the National USA Science Festival.

If you have any questions or would like to create a team, contact Deanna Mallon at

Again, please note this is a parent sponsored activity and not PTA run.