The work of the PTA is completed by volunteers working on a variety of committees.  To learn about these committees and how you can help, please contact the committee chairs.


The hospitality committee is responsible for providing social events and recognition for students and staff. They organize teacher luncheons and teacher appreciation week, ice cream socials, “Hugs and Kisses” breakfast, and other events.

Committee Chairs: Jenn Klingler and Kerri Dunham


The membership committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of PTA members and committee members. This committee works throughout the year to make sure that all our committees and events have the right number of volunteers so that all activities run smoothly.

Committee Chair: Gwen Knaub


The fundraising committee is responsible for planning events and/or fundraising drives to generate funds for the general PTA fund and to benefit the school. In the past these events have included the Math-a-thon and Parent’s Night Out. Other fundraisers have included school supply kits and gift cards.

Committtee Chair: TBD


The yearbook committee works to create and distribute a yearbook for the current school year.

Committee Chair: TBD

Cultural Enrichment

The cultural enrichment committee provides enrichment programs to the students.

Eco Education: Janet Doherty

Gift Card Sales: Ginger Bearden

Reflections: Bonnie Zsakany

Science Enrichment: Christina Zimmerman

Cultural Assemblies: Rachael Polucha

Math Enrichment: Mosina Ochs

Spiritwear: Michelle Johnstone-Clark and Beth Dy


Committee Chairs: Marci Monaldo, Cindy Pozdol, Rachel Polucha

Newsletter: Valerie Fortescue

School Sign: Dawn Felski

Website: Jennifer Ostrander

Facebook: Marci Monaldo, Cindy Pozdol, Rachel Polucha, and Jennifer Ostrander

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